Citizen DJ

Citizen DJ is officially open to the public and all sounds on this website are completely free-to-use for your remixing needs. Read a behind-the-scenes retrospective post on this experimental project and residency.

Send me feedback

October 1, 2020 marks the end of my residency at the Library of Congress. You may continue to submit feedback, but we may not be able immediately address them. You can follow the Library of Congress Labs for future updates on this project. And you can visit the project’s Github page for a list of open tasks.

There are a few ways to give me feedback:

  1. Submit any suggestion, comment, issue, or request via this online form.

  2. If you found a technical bug or would like to make a feature request, you can submit an issue on Github if you have a Github account. This is preferred since we will be able to start a thread and you will get updates on how I address your issue or request.

  3. If you have a question that needs a response, you can email [email protected]. Due to high volume of emails, we may not be able to respond to all questions or inquiries.