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Rough material #2

Created by: Tony Schwartz (Editor (Sound))

Part of: Tony Schwartz Collection

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RXF 4306: On colds (Tony Schwartz, narrator and interviewer ; various men and women, interviewees) (0:00) -- Fire in buidling (Tony Schwartz, narrator and interviewer ; various unidentified men and women, interviewees) (3:17) -- Music boxes (Tony Schwartz, narrator and interviewer ; various unidentified men, speakers) (10:20) -- Barnyard sounds at the Coliseum pet show (Gene Fallon, speaker ; Tony Schwartz, speaker) (17:27) -- Solution to the problem of high-fi: low-fi (Gene Fallon, speaker ; Tony Schwartz, interviewer ; unidentified man, interviewee) (37:26). "Material for Gene Fallon. 1. On colds: folk art remedies not medical remedies. a) Lump of sugar soaked with kerosene, b) whiskey & black pepper, c) 12 oranges, nutmeg plaster, 8 oranges. 3:07 2. Fire in building 6:75 3. Music Boxes 7:03 4. Barnyard sounds at the Coliseum pet show: rooster, geese, dove, talking birds, ponies, bear, alley cat, city dog. Story of Tina. a) pet shop products, b) naming her, c) housebreaking her, d) comments about tail clipping, e) overcoming problems (ASPCA school for the owner, not the pet), f) grooming, g) Tina's false pregnancy. Conclusion: They (dogs) are not human, but they make us more human. 19:53 5. Solution to the problem of high-fi: low-fi (with a 1915 Edison phonograph). 5:53"--Accompanying collection documentation.

This audio recording is part of the Tony Schwartz Collection at the Library of Congress. Considered a master of the electronic media, Tony Schwartz changed the face of radio and television advertising by creating socially conscientious campaigns such as the nation’s first anti-smoking ad, which led the tobacco industry to stop advertising on television and radio. Those and other materials are part of the vast archives of sound recordings and moving images created and collected by the renowned New York City sound documentarian, producer, author and teacher.

Rights and access

This sound recording is free to use and reuse. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Attribution is recommended but not required.

Why is this free to use?

In 2007, Tony Schwartz's entire body of work was acquired by the Library of Congress, thus the Library reserves the right to make his recordings available for reuse as long as those recordings do not contain embedded material to which Schwartz did not own the copyright. Therefore, Citizen DJ excludes: (1) recordings that contain music or speeches from identifiable or named performers and composers, (2) radio broadcasts, and (3) commercials.

Suggested credit line

Contains samples of "Rough material #2" by Tony Schwartz (Editor (Sound)). Retrieved from Tony Schwartz Collection at the Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division.